Questions and Answers

(Q) These lamps are really beautiful. Where do they come from?

(A) The lamps come from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Each salt crystal lamp is chipped out by hand and a hole is bored in the base for the light. The lamps are then shipped to the US where the light and base are securely attached.

(Q) What are the health benefits of the lamps? 

(A) When the salt crystal rock heats up, it emits negative ions. These ions clean the air by removing dust, pollen, dander, cigarette smoke and bacteria. They also offset the effects of the positive ions produced by computer monitors, TV's and other electrical devices.  Negative ions are also produced in nature by thunderstorms, waterfalls and the ocean. That's why we feel refreshed and energized in these environments. The lamps offer this same benefit.

(Q) What kind of places do your customers use the lamps? 

(A) One of my customers had an air ionizing machine in her child's room but she had to turn it off at night because it was too noisy. With the salt lamp, she gets a natural alternative for ionizing which makes no noise and can stay on 24 hours a day. Plus the lamp functions as a nightlight and the child just loves it.  It's a common reaction with children. They're captivated by the lamps as soon as they see them.   I have sold several lamps to a lady who buys them for all her nieces and nephews at college.  Most, if not all Universities do not allowed to burn candles in their dorms and the lamps give that same glow without the flame.

Another customer bought one for his older mother. She is a heavy smoker and the lamp's ionizing effect helps remove the smoke smell from her room by condensing the ash particles in the air. Her neighbor is a non-smoker but she loved the lamp just for its appearance and bought one also. 

(Q) Do I have to do anything to look after the lamp? 

(A) Once a month, we recommend you unplug the lamp and wipe it down with a damp cloth. This will remove any dust or dirt. Then just plug the lamp back in and the heat will dry it off.

(Q) Is there any danger or potential hazard with the lamp? 

(A) We give our customers the same warning about the lamps that you find on a hairdryer. The lamps are electrical devices and should not be used in baths or near water. When wiping the lamp with a damp cloth, the lamp should always be unplugged first.

(Q) What gives the lamps their distinctive colors? 

(A) The lamps contain 84 different minerals just like the human body. These natural inclusions account for the unique coloring and patterns within each lamp. The apricot colors come from Manganese. The robust red comes from Iron.   One customer licks her lamp everyday to absorb the minerals. We'd recommend unplugging the lamp however if you are going to lick it.


Yes i also find my lamp makes a creepy scratching noise. i keep it unplugged and it still continues. sometimes ill shake the lamp and the noise will stop for a little, but then continues.
I have had my lamp for awhile and just tonight it started making a noise like super high pitched dial up internet. It’s pluged in, but not turned on.
I’ve had a salt lamp for two months now I keep it I my bedroom my wife put me in the spare room with the lamp and she says she’s never slept better.
i put on my salt rock lamp at night and when I got up in the morning I found that all my ironing had been done the dishes to and my house had been hoovered and dusted from top to bottom these lamps are amazing.
I got a bowl of rock salt for my husband. He said I now don't snore. A side benefit for him. He is VERY happy.
Purchased one of your lamps years ago and have it at our boutique. I am getting this for one of the partners that has problems with allergies and congestion. The one we have has a light bulb and a bowl of stones. We got it years ago at the Lakeland Craft show.
i just recently got a salt lamp, and it's doing the same thing, making a weird scratching noise, I have been searching all over the Internet to see if I can find anything about it and I have had no luck, have you heard anything more about this since your post? It's driving me crazy, and I just want to know what it is.
We purchased a rock salt lamp a few years ago and my wife had claimed she heard a scratching inside the lamp, I have recently heard this also. It is a sporadic scratching, we have researched and found nothing. Has anyone else said anything about this? Sometimes the scratching is very loud, to the point of waking my wife up. We have also unplugged it, disconnected the lamp and base and it still continues to scratch. Is there any kind of critter/insect that could live inside this rock salt? My return address: - thank you.
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